creators of <rtbt>

3 creative souls from Switzerland

Sabrina Bühlmann
professional hyper creative, working for approx. 25 years as multimedia artist, creative director, musician, producer (music, audio plays, films, content), singer, performer, video + filmmaker > won several awards for her works + received a golden record > interested in: innovations, visions, cross-media, creative collaborations + art
Marc Illien
a creative techie with a heart in the desert > engaged in different sorts of digital media + innovations, making software with love, mostly creating web-software engineering and design > interested in art, photography, innovative + visionary software crafting
Daniela Jakab
creative professional > engaged approx. 35 years in different creative fields as creative director (advertising), painter, writer, actress and conceptual artist > won several awards for her works + juried various international creative awards > interested in conceptual + visual art, crossmedia collaborations, poetry, satirical texts + creative visions