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Welcome to a bunch of burning hearts who are about to create a crazy art installation to unite the world. Dive in and follow your heart.

You'll find that <rtbt> is more than meets the eye. It's bundled creative energy from all over the world – in one piece of art.


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(pronounced: art beat)

<rtbt> represents the connective creative spirit of all human beings: A big heart-shaped interactive video art installation to be erected in Switzerland and in the desert at Burning Man 2023, <rtbt> unites and inspires the community to participate and experience a collectively-created video art piece.

<rtbt>: Feel united in creativity – and connected in the heart.



During the Special Week of the BFH in Biel, it begins to beat: Probably the most imposing, interactive art installation of a human heart to date, sustainably constructed from wood. For this project, which is as creative as it is symbolic, creative minds and experts from a wide range of disciplines are working together courageously - with far-reaching ambitions.

physical description of <rtbt>

<rtbt> is a huge human heart-shaped video art sculpture – including video recording (outside) & play devices (inside). The framework material is wood. The structure will be covered by cladding (weatherproof fabric or sheet wood).

The heart is surrounded by 5 video recording stations on stands (recording tools are provided) — each including an inspiration e.g.: «Show your love» / «express your feelings» / «dance for us» / «make a grimace» etc. Visitors can also suggest inspiration themes… They may interact by recording a theme-specific video of 10 sec. Inside the heart, you'll find a lounging area/hammock (innovative net solution made from recycled material) where they can chill — and watch the collectively created video sequences on a big video screen.

A unique light concept that emphasizes the heart-shaped architecture is integrated > at night the heart glows from within.

Loudspeakers provide the regular and calming sound of a real human heartbeat.


<rtbt> unites radical inclusion, self-expression, communal effort, interactivity and different art forms (art installation meets video, dancing, singing, talking, acting etc.) Experience it alone, with friends or strangers in many playful, creative and meaningful ways. The powerful and emotional meaning of the heart resonates in each of us. <rtbt> invites participants to enter the uniting creative heart energy and inspires them to participate in the artwork: to experience the creative connectivity of the community — by watching the collectively-created video art piece together.

With the heart installation and software we only provide the «frame». The «core-artwork» is created, changed and experienced by the community itself — actively or passively with recorded videos and experiences inside the heart. They interact with each other and with the artwork — in fact their interaction IS the artwork.

Participants may interact in their own way — and keep <rtbt> «alive»: in constant motion, in constant interaction.

the philosophy

We believe in the power of creative energy: We are all connected and united in creativity.

Since the heart shape represents the emotional connectivity between all human beings, its structure visualizes this invisible net of connections. The recorded video clips stand for our creative actions in life. By joining them specifically together (with our software) the community is constantly creating a unique and surprising piece of video art: funny, thoughtful or weird – we will see...

Everyone is welcome to participate, to make a difference. Artist or not – we are all creative souls. We respect everyone's privacy and provide an inspiring «safe space»: cameras are filming on-demand and recorded videos are exclusively used at the Burning Man.

We cordially invite one and all to go inside the(ir) heart(s), to enjoy the power of collective creation and new built connections within the community. Push the record button and become a part of the big heart. Together we are one <rtbt>.


<rtbt> features a light show made out of 64x4m (209x13ft) WS2812b LED-strips (total of 7680 px) – arranged in 32 lines of 8m (26ft), placed on both sides of the vertical elements of the structure, facing sideways, the light will be only seen indirectly. All cabling & wiring will be hidden inside the structure, creating an amazing experience while encountering the artwork.

The fabric of the inner room allows the light to shine inwards. When a video is recorded, the transfer from the camera to the heart is displayed as a LED stripe in the ground – symbolizing a bloodstream.

Each video sequence, assembled according to the theme, is given its own color code, in which the heart is illuminated: an enchanting color spectacle.

All cameras will be equipped with LED rings that provide good illumination of the people standing in front of it (& visibility for safety reasons).

Building / during burn: If guy wires are needed for structural safety they will have battery-powered fairy lights (structure visibility).

build materials

<rtbt> We rely on laminated veneer lumber panels, that will be CNC-cut (LVL-Q panels) (Thickness: 2.7’’).

As they are connected with each other in a waffle structure, they support each other in all directions. The bearing structure will be covered with either fabric (e.g. stage molton, attached with a staple gun) or, as an alternative, wood planking.

We are currently looking for a stable material to reshape / display the 3D polygon structure.


about us

who is <rtbt>?


A collective of experienced creative professionals & artists with profound know-how in the fields of architecture, woodwork, video & audio production, programming, text, graphic design, light art, 3D animation & fundraising.

Some of us have created artwork for Burning Man & AfrikaBurn (one of us is in the AfrikaBurnOrg).

We are constantly expanding our team according to the requirements of the current process.

The initiators

meet the team


Sabrina Bühlmann - Replicah

Artist, Concept & Creative Direction, Video

A multi-award-winning audio & visual artist and hyper-creative professional. Everything that has to do with creativity and innovation is my deepest passion.

I compose, produce, mix music, sing, perform, design and create since my early childhood. When it comes to courageously breaking new ground and motivating everyone - that's me.

Daniela Jakab - Dangy

Concept, Text, Creative Director

creative professional > engaged approx. 35 years in different creative fields as creative director (advertising), painter, writer, actress and conceptual artist > won several awards for her works + juried various international creative awards

> interested in conceptual + visual art, crossmedia collaborations, poetry, satirical texts + creative visions

Marc Illien

Software & Technics

creative techie with his heart in the desert > engaged in different sorts of digital media + innovations, making software with love, mostly creating web-software engineering and design > interested in art, photography, innovative + visionary software crafting, cryptography and blockchain.

Thomas Rohner

Engineer, woodworker, designer, professor

Anywhere that involves wood, innovation, creativity, people and the impossible.

To be found in many different worlds, whether as a researching teacher, climbing diver or motorcycle riding motivator. No more hair, but a huge heart.

Agnete Skytte - Nete

Architect, Lecturer, Construction Economist > Project Lead Construction

Over 20 years of local and international leading management experience in the construction industry.

Living the passion of helping our world become a more loving and sustainable place.

Katharina Wyss - KAT

Architect, architectural journalis

I tell stories for a living – whether it is in architecture, through journalism or collaborative projects.

I worked as an architect for over 10 years, changed to architectural journalism and believe that physically building art is the best way tobring people together and create community.

Zoe Carolina Ferrari Castelli - Zowi

Wood engineer, journalist, MBA student

A penta language without a mainland, I live a multitasking life with the goal of expanding the spectrum of my knowledge.

Passionate about organs, wood, technology and festivals! My heart already beats for <rt heart>!”

Electric Cheese Land - Back Camp

Multinational Swiss Camp 8:45 B

Remember the camp that served delicious Swiss cheese fondue and raclette in the desert? That’s us. Although we are an international camp, each of us has a connection to Switzerland: we met or live there. The yummy Swiss specialties caused a large rush to the tents in 2018/2019.

This year we are mainly supporting <rtbt> and helping with set up, post event, trashing and being a loving back camp so the <rtbt> team can fully focus on building the heart.

David Busillo

Building, Organisation, Videographer

Trained landscape gardener with over 9 years of experience in conception, planning, organisation and construction.

Self-employed video and photographer working in all kinds of creative processes and fields. In the world to give back and create wonderful things.

Thomas Steiner

Light, Technics, Concept

My profession is playing magic, flashing lights, and shadow play.

I’m travelling the world as a full-time light artist, specialized for bringing large-scale artworks to life.

I can't wait to blow people's minds by watching the heart beat.

Tereza Vyhlídalová - Terezli

3D Artist and Designer

Trained interior designer and skilled visualizer with profound knowledge and understanding of architecture.

The virtual world is my passion. From the first sketches through 3D modeling to the atmospheric images.

One of the biggest drive in my life is to create an entertainment for my closest and the community. To see their happiness and joy is always unplayable.

Joel Balsam


Joel Balsam is a freelance journalist who writes about culture and travel for publications like National Geographic, TIME and Lonely Planet. He has been to Burning Man on three life-affirming and simultaneously life-challenging occasions.

When he’s not roaming the playa meeting everyone he can, he’s a freelance journalist writing about culture and travel for publications like National Geographic, TIME and Lonely Planet.

Lukas Truninger

Light, Technics, Concept

New Media and Sound Artist - Already made art at Burning Man 2018 (Ethereal Fleeting)

Lukas Truniger is a new media and sound artist. His work is inspired by the intangible, the invisible, the inaudible and the complex. He creates singular experiences challenging the modalities of our perception, pinpointing unseen connections of artificial intelligence, natural and social systems.

Bruce Yoder

Light, Technics, Concept

Already made art at Black Rock City 2018 together with Lukas Truninger (Ethereal Fleeting)

Bruce is fascinated by people. He sees poetry in life, with juxtaposition and impermanence being of particular interest. He was born and raised Mennonite in the Midwest of the United States. Currently, he teaches and does research in physical chemistry at the the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich.


You’re on fire with <rtbt>? You’re a dedicated personality and a creative soul? Great!

We are looking for people just like you to join our team!